Congressman Walker Receives Reply From Pentagon On Unexplained Craft Sightings

Rep. Mark Walker. Source: Politico

Congressman Walker sent a letter to Navy Secretary Richard Spencer on July 16 asking specific questions about these unexplained craft. It looks like he received a reply 2 weeks later. Politico had a copy of it:

Navy Withholding Data On UFO Sightings, Congressman Says, Politico, 6 September 2019


Rep. Mark Walker of North Carolina, the ranking member of the Intelligence and Counterrorism subcommittee, asked Secretary Richard V. Spencer in July to outline what resources the Navy is dedicating to investigating the sightings. He also asked if officials have found “physical evidence” to substantiate the claims, and whether they are aware of any foreign nations or private companies that have introduced breakthrough technologies that could explain them.

Navy Undersecretary Thomas Modly responded in a brief letter on July 31 that “the Department of the Navy takes these reports very seriously and continues to log sightings and fully investigate the accounts,” according to a copy provided to POLITICO.

“While I am encouraged the Under Secretary of the Navy confirmed that UAP encounters are fully investigated, there is frustration with the lack of answers to specific questions about the threat that superior aircraft flying in United States airspace may pose,” Walker told POLITICO in a statement.

Members of Congress on several oversight committees have also sought classified briefings from the Pentagon on the research in recent months.

In a recent interview, Walker said he believes Congress needs to know what more the military has been doing since the Advanced Aerospace Identification Program set up by Reid was officially wound down in 2012. “Has it ended? If it has ended are we documenting anything? Where are the resources coming from?” Walker asked. “That’s a fair question that constituents and the American people would like to know.”

Walker told POLITICO that his abiding interest is mainly out of concern that a potential adversary like Russia or China could have leapfrogged the United States in aerospace technology.

“If the Navy believes that China or Russia possesses advanced aerospace technologies that represent a national security vulnerability, the American people have the right to know what their government is doing about it,” he said in his statement to POLITICO.

We are going to stay on the issue and follow through like we said we wanted to do.”

The Navy never answered Walker’s questions. Where’s Tim Russert when you need him?

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