Representative Katie Porter Describes The Difficulty Of Living On $16.50/Hour

Regarding food … $402/month is about $100/week.

That’s similar to what I figured a few years ago:

Americans earning a median income spend about $5,646/year, or $470/month, or $118/week on food. If there are 21 meals in a week, that’s about $5.62 per meal for the household.

I think my number ($118/week) is high because I considered pure income, not disposable income. I think Porter’s number is high ($100/week) but she indicated it came from the USDA so I’ll trust it. There are a lot of variables in these numbers, but I’m getting the sense that American families today spend less than $150/week on food.

Katie Porter is a law professor and attorney. She wrote the textbook Modern Consumer Law. She studied under Senator Elizabeth Warren while at Harvard. She currently represents California’s 45th congressional district in the House. I think she’s someone to watch.

2 thoughts on “Representative Katie Porter Describes The Difficulty Of Living On $16.50/Hour

  1. Bix Post author

    Why do we blame people for their diet choices, people who are not in a position to make better choices? Isn’t it incumbent upon us, society, to make sure everyone has good choices? Not only in foods, but in ability to choose an education, a good-paying job, a safe place to live? Or is it every man for himself?


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