Mental Health Is As Important As Physical Health

If we want a healthy body, we can eat well and exercise. If we want a healthy mind, well-being, we can likewise learn and apply techniques that foster it. Mental health, like physical health, doesn’t just happen on its own. It needs our attention.

I have been researching meditation and mindfulness. A lot of what I learned years ago has come flooding back, both the knowledge and how it feels in my body. A lot has changed. The science is better.

Here’s Jon Kabat-Zinn describing the benefits of meditation and mindfulness with a scientific angle that appeals to me. I must say, there is a lot of hocus-pocus online about meditation. It’s not about holding your body in some particular way, your fingers just so. It’s not about emptying your mind. It’s not about breathing a certain way. All of these things can be helpful but none of them are required.

3 thoughts on “Mental Health Is As Important As Physical Health

  1. mboydp

    Really interesting. I love the emphasis on starting early. Also neuroplasticity. Gary used to say that one of the most ineffable phenomena about human (or any animal) existence is the persistence of memory (not to make a bad pun on Dali). He says no one understands how we hold onto memories when all the cellular material in the brain/nervous system turns over every 30-60 days (ie, breaks down to be replaced w/ new cell material). Amazing!


    1. Bix Post author

      I just read several things about memory and the mind. Just amazing. I can sit here are conjure a scene of, say, a beach in New Jersey, with tiny baby clams wiggling into the sand and sharp salt spray slapping my face and the smell of pungent seaweed decaying on dunes. And then I start to have physical reactions in my body that accompany those thoughts. It’s almost like I’m there. And I haven’t been in years.



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