Meditation domes at the Beatles Ashram in Rishikesh, India

Back in graduate school, in one of my health classes, we learned about meditation. We learned that it can reduce heart rate and blood pressure, that it calms the mind and relaxes the body which can reduce pain and assist sleep, that it improves digestion. And on. To increase our appreciation, and unbeknownst to many of us, the professor brought in a meditation instructor who had us learn how to meditate. And so we learned. We meditated, kept journals, studied, took tests, got grades, and the semester was over. I was glad because it was a night class and I was working during the day and had a long commute. The 45 minutes per session, at home, was a lot to spend on non-doing. (We learned then and I realized over the years that non-doing is not really non-doing. The instructor used to say that it was the person who was the busiest or most stressed that would benefit most from meditation. I was naive.)

But … I kept it up for a while because I thought it might have been responsible for ending my ever-worsening migraines. Eventually I stopped because I wasn’t willing to give it the time.

Every once in a while I think of returning to it. Now is one of those times. Here’s a simple introduction.
How To Meditate

One thing I learned back then is that if you choose to sit cross-legged on the floor (but you don’t have to, you can sit in a chair or lie on your back or even walk) it’s best to place a pillow or towel under your sit bones so that your pelvis is tilted forward and your legs slope down a bit. Also, some people may wish to support their back so they sit more upright. That would mean leaning against a wall or the back of a chair.

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