More Animal Sounds, Lynx

Two lynx meet in the night:

It seemed like, at first, it was going to be a fight over territory, especially after that beginning slug. But then they both backed off, sat down!, and engaged in a growl-fest. Something else. I couldn’t tell what it was.

One commenter, Denise Cummins:

Talking to each other? Nope. This is a show down. The lynx on the right is defending his territory from an interloper. They are evenly matched, so they both back down from the physical fight that starts to develop at the beginning when they bat at each other. Then they scream at each other until one completely backs down, in this case the interloper who slowly and gingerly slinks away.

I definitely can’t roar like a gorilla. But this I might be able to pull off. Will have to practice.

Thanks to Bill and Miss Cellania.

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