Gorilla Roar

The roar occurs within the first 10 seconds if you’re short on time. It’s loud. You can listen and I’ll meet you underneath.

First. This is wrong. It’s just really wrong for humans to put animals in zoos and gawk at them. Animals should be left alone to live the lives they choose. To socialize with other animals, to explore, to mate, to fight. I just hate seeing this.

Second. That roar. That’s pure power. Do humans roar? We’re so civilized and quiet. Do you ever feel like roaring? Something deep and loud and startling, like this? What emotions do you think are attached to a roar?

4 thoughts on “Gorilla Roar

  1. Marj

    At risk of sounding silly, I’d like to roar like that at the thought of zoos and the captive creatures therein. I will admit though they (many) are much improved over the zoos I visited when young with their very small enclosures and cages. Now at least, many zoos and the closest one to me here, have large open spaces and habitats designed especially for the inhabitants. But still . . .


    1. Bix Post author

      Yep, me too, that would feel good to roar about that, the zoos.

      I’d like to roar. I tried it. I tried to get as deep a voice as I could and to make it loud. I found the two don’t go together. The lower my voice, the less volume I could muster. I’m going to try to roar more this year, however it comes out.


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