The Whole Country Of Kyrgyzstan Goes Organic

See? I told you it was possible.

Kyrgyzstan Parliament Orders 100% Organic Agriculture within 10 Years, Sustainable Pulse, 18 December 2018

The written order states that farmers should not use any agrochemicals, pesticides (toxic chemicals), synthetic substances, hormones, growth regulators, feed additives, GMOs, antibiotics or other additives other than organic certified products for plant protection and organic fertilizers.

Azernews adds this bit about beans. They are correct.

Kyrgyzstan To Start Producing Only Organic Products, Azernews, 13 December 2018

MP Kenzhebek Bokoev said that the specialists of the Ministry of Agriculture should work better, and recommended to help farmers in Talas region with the sale of beans, to hold a campaign in the region about the benefits of this product.

The benefits of beans!

In this country we have 2 parallel systems of agriculture, a high-end organic one for the wealthy and a chemical-based one for everyone else. Not only is it expensive to maintain 2 systems with 2 sets of standards and 2 offices to oversee them and 2 networks for processing and distribution and 2 distinct areas of real estate in markets from which to sell … but because organic food is rare and dear it’s open to fraud. Also, as we’ve seen, the chemical-based conventional system, being over 90% of agriculture, will eventually infect the high-end system. It’s impossible to keep them separate. They share the same air and water. We need ONE SYSTEM.

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