Study: Potatoes, As Long As They Are Not Fried, Lower The Risk For Diabetes

The Association Of Potato Intake With Risk For Incident Type 2 Diabetes In Adults, Canadian Journal of Diabetes, February 2018

This cohort study was conducted in 1,981 adults, aged 19 to 70 years, who participated in the Tehran Lipid and Glucose Study and were followed up for 6 years.

The mean (± SD) age and potato intake of participants was 38.9±13.4 years and 30.2±30.7 g/day, respectively. The risk for incident diabetes in participants was 6.7% after 6 years of follow up. After adjusting for age, sex, body mass index, physical activity, smoking, family history of diabetes, hypertension, serum triglyceride levels, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels, energy intakes and consumption of saturated fat, fruit, whole grains, vegetables, nuts and legumes, the risk for incident diabetes was lower in subjects with higher intakes of total potato (OR=0.46; 95% CI 0.25 to 0.84) and boiled potato (OR=0.47; 95% CI 0.26 to 0.85) in comparison with those who had the lowest intakes (p for trend 0.05).

Our findings indicate that, in Tehranian adults, a moderate intake of dietary total and boiled, but not fried, potatoes may be associated with a lower risk for incident diabetes.

The average potato intake was around a half pound a week, about 2 or 3 potatoes.

Remember Chris Voigt? He ate 20 potatoes a day for 60 days. That’s at least 2.200 calories/day not including the fat he added, e.g. he ate some french fries. He made lots of videos. Here’s one. (Did you know potatoes were that high in fiber? Compared to rice and pasta? I didn’t.)

Why he did it:

“After the USDA had proposed eliminating the potato or restricting its consumption in various federal feeding and nutrition programs, Chris decided to protest these proposals and ate nothing but potatoes for 60 days. His health improved and he lost weight. His potato only diet attracted a lot of media attention, which helped Congress to intervene and save the potato.”

Some of his pre and post numbers:

Pre: 197 lbs
Post: 176 lbs

Pre: 214 mg/dl
Mid: 162 mg/dl
Post: 147 mg/dl

Fasting Glucose:
Pre: 104 mg/dl
Post: 94 mg/dl

Recall that the originator of the Paleo Diet, Dr. Loren Cordain, said that potatoes will “punch holes into the membranes of the intestines.” If this was true, Chris Voigt would have died from gastrointestinal perforation. Right?

5 thoughts on “Study: Potatoes, As Long As They Are Not Fried, Lower The Risk For Diabetes

  1. mboydp

    So glad you reposted this.And so happy to see an alternative to sweet potatoesl Did Voigt eat the skins too?
    I also remember your post about how toxic conventionally grown potatoes are.


    1. Bix Post author

      I think he ate the skins.
      Michael Pollan in one of his books said that the workers who tended to conventional potato fields wouldn’t eat potatoes from those fields, they would keep a plot next to where they lived … that weren’t sprayed so much. That’s what I recall.


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