Pet Neglect


  • Locking your pet up for hours when you go out. Pet neglect.
  • Putting your pet in a cage. A cage. I mean, a cage. Other than when transporting. Pet neglect.
  • Feeding your pet crap from a bag that says “pet food.” Pet neglect.
  • Surgically removing bones (e.g. declawing*) or beaks or tails or other parts of your pet as a convenience to you or your furniture. Pet neglect. No, this is outright animal abuse. Actually a lot of this is animal abuse.
  • Not taking your pet to the vet who can take care of worms, fleas, and other serious diseases. Pet neglect.
  • Not bathing and grooming your pet. Regularly. Pet neglect.
  • Not giving your pet a chance to engage in its natural behaviors, like mating. Like running (or flying) as fast as it can through an open field with no tether**, as it was designed to do, if it was, say, a dog (or a bird). Pet neglect.
  • If there’s any chance your pet could harm a person (e.g. barking at 1:00 a.m. with neighbors in hearing distance), a person’s property, or another pet, you should train it. If it does cause harm, you should take responsibility for it. If not, pet neglect.
  • Should I even say this one? Having your pet put down if you cannot, or don’t want to care for it. Animal abuse.

* Onychectomy, popularly known as declawing, is an operation to remove an animal’s claws surgically by means of the amputation of all or part of the distal phalanges, or end bones, of the animal’s toes. Although common in North America, declawing is considered an act of animal cruelty in many countries.


4 thoughts on “Pet Neglect

  1. Marj

    Amen. Thank you for posting this although my stomach went into a twist seeing the expression on the dog’s face, As I read a long time ago, we are responsible for domesticating them and should therefore be responsible for their welfare.


    1. Bix Post author

      “we are responsible for domesticating them and should therefore be responsible for their welfare.”

      I love that. That’s perfect.

      I also love that video of a dog jumping into the water. I can’t stop watching it.


  2. Marj

    Thank you, I was distraught with the photo and altho was aware of the video didn’t watch it. It’s great! Happy!


  3. Bix Post author

    Melinda sent this:

    Isolation Distress in Dogs All Too Common

    How Long is Too Long to Leave A Dog Alone?

    I think … Leaving a companion animal in a confined space, alone, is abusive. It’s a living thing. Owning an companion animal is a luxury; that proper care is costly. If you have to go somewhere, hire a dog sitter or take your companion animal to daycare. People don’t lock up their young children, alone, when they go to work, do they? Why do this to an animal? I don’t think people appreciate the costs involved. A “pet” becomes just another thing.



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