Depression Is No More Prevalent Today Than In The Past

In answer to Dr. Gibson’s question, “Why is there such a dramatic rise in anxiety and depression in the United States?” Dr. Frances replied:

Allen Frances literally wrote the manual used to diagnose mental illness in this country. He’s top of his field and a force to be reckoned with:

Frances was the founding editor of two well-known journals: the Journal of Personality Disorders and the Journal of Psychiatric Practice.

Frances chaired the task force that produced the fourth revision of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-IV) and became critical of the current version, DSM-5. He warned that the expanding boundary of psychiatry is causing a diagnostic inflation that is swallowing up normality and that the over-treatment of the “worried well” is distracting attention from the core mission of treating the more severely ill.

One of his recent books, “Saving Normal”, I covered here. He says that drugs prevent us from experiencing our “natural resiliency”.

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