Goya Chick Peas Vs. Organic Bulk Bin

I’ve been having poor results with a lot of the chick peas I’ve purchased over the last year. I bought a few in bags and several from bulk bins (see photo below). None of them cooked all the way through and they all tasted a bit sulfur-y. On a whim I tried an old standby: Goya. I have to tell you, these were some of the best chick peas I’ve had in years. Big, soft in less than an hour of cooking, and very fresh-tasting. Even the broth was good.

I like them soft because I make a quick hummus: Instead of dragging out the food processor I just spoon some cooked chick peas onto a plate and mash them with a fork, add some lemon juice, salt, garlic powder, and sometimes a bit of roasted red pepper (jarred), mash, mash, done. A fork is easier to clean than a food processor. And the softer the bean, the creamier the hummus.

1 thought on “Goya Chick Peas Vs. Organic Bulk Bin

  1. Darryl

    I also hate cleaning food processors. I’ve found hummus an ideal application for immersion blenders. Froth up a pancake batter consistency emulsion in a tall walled serving/storage bowl with tahini, lemon juice, water and your flavorings like garlic, cumin, and salt. Some of this tahini emulsion could be reserved for salad/greens/felafel dressing. Then add chick peas and puree them in, adding water as needed. The immersion blender, like a conventional blender, makes a creamier hummus than a food processor, but the process takes a minute or two longer. But cleaning the blender takes a few seconds under the faucet, far swifter than either conventional blenders or food processors.

    As for cooking chick peas, I usually use canned, as I have easy availability of ~60 oz commercial-sized cans, often don’t have the patience to wait over an hour (even with a pressure cooker), and like the fact that they’re mostly peeled before canning. Pressure cooking for 70-80 minutes (around twice recommended pressure cooking times) has worked well for me. I’m looking forward to trying out the pressure cooker trick.



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