Key Nutritional And Other Considerations Of Animal- And Plant-Based Milk Products

I’m skimming this new report:

Redefining Protein: Adjusting Diets To Protect Public Health And Conserve Resources, Raychel Santo and Stacia Clinton, Health Care Without Harm, 2017. Website: Health Care Without Harm

There’s a lot of great research here, 445 references! I saw this chart that compared milks and wanted to share. (Click to enlarge.)

Do you have a favorite milk?

4 thoughts on “Key Nutritional And Other Considerations Of Animal- And Plant-Based Milk Products

  1. Bix Post author

    Ok, so… There are so many plant milks out there! I settled on an almond milk by “So Delicious”. Unsweetened. I really like it.


  2. Tds

    My favourite is home made oat milk. I make it from oat flakes. I soak them overnight, stir vigorously it and strain. I use the flakes then for bread or pancakes. Probably it is possible to produce bigger yields of oat milk if mix with blender before straining.

    Only several times tried, industrially maid plant based milks. I am wary they are not very healthy due to the added phosphates as a stabilizers. Found only one soy milk drink (dry form) in regular stores without phosphates (50% soy flour, 25% soy protein isolate, 25% sugar).


    1. Bix Post author

      The oat milk sounds pretty easy to make. May try it. Maybe get the hand blender and blend the flakes in.

      I’ve been more open to using prepared foods these days, to expedite the cooking. I hear what you’re saying about unwanted added ingredients. This almond milk has added vitamins/minerals that I’m not keen on.


  3. mboydp

    I find almond milk too thin for my taste. If I’m buying, I get Trader Joe’s unsweetened soy milk. Has nothing but soybeans and water.
    If I’m making vegan milk, I love cashew milk, though I was unaware of the “significant labor concerns”–thanks for the info, Bix. I also just read recently that pecans make the easiest non-dairy milk, b/c they don’t need straining at the end. Haven’t tried it yet–waiting for some bulk pecans to arrive in the mail!!! Will keep in the freezer till use, so they don’t go rancid.



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