We Should Stop Promoting Two Food Systems

If you can’t see the tweet below, go to the Cleveland Clinic’s article at When Going Organic Matters Most For You, Pesticide Problems And Personal Preferences.

I just want to point out, again, the danger of creating a parallel food system, a “clean” one (to use the Cleveland Clinic’s words) for the elite and a “dirty” one for everyone else. The Cleveland Clinic says you don’t want to eat the “dirty” food because it contains “unwanted pesticides.” Right. So people in hospitals and care homes and schools; people who depend on food stamps and meals-on-wheels; people who live in food deserts or who cannot afford the premium cost of “clean” food … they all get to eat the dirty food. Who cares?

No two food systems. No “organic” and “conventional” food. One food for everyone. If we did this, you can believe all food would be clean!

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