Eating Cheese Is Not Good For You, Even Though Time Magazine Says It Is

Bill sent this article which sings the praises of cheese:
Eating Cheese Every Day May Actually Be Good for You, Time, 5 December 2017

Here’s the study it was based on:

Cheese Consumption And Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease: A Meta-analysis Of Prospective Studies, European Journal of Nutrition, December 2017

Meta-analyses and population-based studies are prone to manipulation. There’s no cause-and-effect in them. For example, as the Time article stated:

It could be that people who eat cheese on a daily basis are healthier overall, or have more disposable income and higher socioeconomic statuses.

The study is out of China. It took me all of one minute to Google Yili Industrial Group, the business behind the study; 3 of 7 authors are listed as affiliated with Yili. Here’s what I found:

Inner Mongolia Yili Group: China’s Pioneering Dairy Brand, Harvard Business School, 2011

Setting up the goal to become one of the top 20 enterprises in the world dairy industry by 2010, the Inner Mongolia Yili Group had ambitious plans. As one of China’s biggest national dairy companies, its main challenge was competing as a local company against joint-venture rivals who benefited from perks granted to “foreign” companies. To set itself apart, Yili focused on research and development and innovative ways to improve the industry. Proving that it could shift industry standards and lead a country not accustomed to dairy consumption, to a point where demand is outpacing supply, the Yili Group is making its mark to go global. As an Official Sponsor of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing and the Official dairy supplier of the games, it is betting that the brand can go further beyond China. Will the day that tykes from Topeka have a bottle of Yili milk in their hands be coming soon?

So, this is not a study. It’s an advertisement. Time should not be promoting advertisements as science. You might call it fake news.

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