– The Future Of Weather Maps

If you like weather sites, you’re going to love

It was developed by Ivo Lukacovic, a programmer, kite surfer, professional biker, and pilot from the Czech Republic. He’s also wealthy, $500 million wealthy, which he made in another of his ventures, – a search engine which rivals Google in its local market. Says Lukacovic,

“I am a pilot and a kiter. I literally did it for myself. It is my pet project.”

The site is free and non-commercial: no ads! It loads fast and is amazingly detailed for its sprightliness. You can zoom in and out, click anywhere for a detailed forecast, scroll through the menu on the right for specific conditions, change units in a click …. I warn you, you’ll lose time here. I bet you end up bookmarking it.

Thank you, Bill.

5 thoughts on “ – The Future Of Weather Maps

  1. Bix Post author

    Along the bottom is a bar that allows you to select a forecast date. I clicked through the next week and watched Hurricane Irma approach the coast.


  2. mboydp

    This would go over a treat with Gary, who watches nothing but sports and weather. I wonder if this is available as an android phone app…. The one I had was awful!


  3. Bix Post author

    It took me a while to get used to it but now I’m hooked. I used to go to Weather Underground for a graph of weather for the coming week. Loved it but too long to load. Windy is just amazing. Click anywhere and select “forecast for this location” and bingo! a graph appears, in a second!

    I also love the backstory on this … how it was developed as a hobby.



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