Leading Causes Of Death Graphic – There’s Something Missing

Just saw this:


Two things:

1. I would be happy to see us talk more about our leading causes of death, and how to prevent them. Even postpone them.

2. There’s something missing from this graph. You know what it is, right? The third leading cause of death isn’t respiratory disorders, it’s something else. That something else has been credibly argued to be the leading cause of death in this county, topping heart disease and cancer. About that something else, Dr. T. Colin Campbell said:

“How is it possible that this cause of death not even be listed on a government website as a leading cause of death? Such publicity would be bad for the disease business — and if the US government cares about one thing here, it’s the economic interests of the medical establishment, one of the leading donors to political candidates, parties, and political action committees.”

Answer in the comments.

1 thought on “Leading Causes Of Death Graphic – There’s Something Missing

  1. Bix Post author

    The 3rd, if not the leading, cause of death is medical error. But the medical and drug industries won’t allow the government to say that. That’s why CDC won’t list it.



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