Organic? I Think It’s Better To Fix Conventional

Dr. Greger’s videos and writings subtly and sometimes not so subtly encourage people to eat organic:

What Are the Benefits of Organic?, Nutrition Facts, 25 April, 2017

Two questions:

  1. The USDA says that only about 1-2% of farmland is organic. Organic food is also more expensive. What do people eat who can’t access organic food? Is organic food just for the privileged?
  2. Just how organic is organic anyway?

I’ve said a lot about this over the years. I don’t think it’s a good idea to spend money and manpower maintaining two standards. It’s better to fix conventional agriculture. It wouldn’t be perfect but it would benefit more people. It wouldn’t create one class of food for the wealthy and another for everyone else.

I’ve also posted about the problems with organic, e.g. using manure from factory farms, manure that contains heavy metals, pesticides, and drugs; allowing synthetic, and unhealthy non-synthetic chemicals. The FDA was planning on testing food for glyphosate but put that project on hold last November.

“Organic” has become a marketing term, a sought-after label that allows producers to charge more for food that may not live up to consumers’ expectations. That will only act to erode the standard over time, which is already happening. You’ve got a problem when organic eggs can have over 3 times the EPA limit for glyphosate.

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