You Don’t Have To Buy A $4000 Sauna To Fix Your Heart Disease, Just Stop Eating Animal Food

This just tears me up inside. Dr. Joel Kahn, “America’s Healthy Heart Doc” is telling people to buy an infrared sauna to fix their heart disease:

The Best Gift for Heart Month: Infrared Sauna, The Huffington Post, 16 January 2017

The sauna pictured in his article, and above, costs over $4000, not including installation (plumbing, space).

As you know, because I keep saying, the median US household income is around $50,000/year. It’s much lower for single people, females, seniors on fixed incomes, and people who live in Southern states around the Gulf.

Most people in this country, even if they earn over the median income, don’t have $4,000 lying around to buy a box they can sit in that will fix their heart disease. You know what will fix heart disease? Stop eating animal food and added fats. It won’t put you back $4,000.

This article was on a liberal site. What has happened to the liberals? They used to care about people, especially those with meager means. But as I’ve been pointing out to you, they have come to care more about the elite. They have come to champion a lifestyle that only the elite can afford, can access, can have. They have lost touch with middle America.

I’m not knocking sauna therapy. If it really works, then Medicare and other third party insurance should cover it. You know why they won’t? It’s too expensive, even though this article said it wasn’t:

Many doctors aren’t familiar with the strong data supporting infrared sauna therapy. It gets buried by expensive and glitzy therapies that may not prove to be as safe and beneficial.

Beside myself here.

Public Health in this country is dying. Clean air, clean water, food not grown in a chemical bath, sensible nutritional guidelines. We are choosing, have chosen, to sacrifice public health for profit … profit that lines the pockets of the few.

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