Adzuki Beans With Grits

This comes together fast. The grits take about 5 minutes from package to plate. The beans were leftovers that I reheated. You can’t see from this photo but they’re pretty spicy, and salty (tamari). If you don’t have cooked beans around, a spicy tomato sauce over the grits is also very good.

I use one small pot. Cook the grits, wipe the pot, heat the beans. There’s not much clean up.

You can do so much with this, add vegetables or tomato sauce, use rice instead of grits.

2 thoughts on “Adzuki Beans With Grits

  1. Robert

    Bix, this looks delicious. Do you have a recipe or method to prep the beans?

    Another question for you. What is your exercise routine like? I find it difficult without some animal foods to get to, say 1.6g/kg or ~140g/day of protein as a tall male engaged in resistance exercise on most days. Especially during times when I want to reduce my calorie intake to reduce body fat. Any tips for someone who wants to look good as well as stay healthy?

    Finally, I wanted to appreciate your writing. Especially how you take into account the viewpoints of people who aren’t well off financially, or may be sick, elderly, or disabled. It’s a perspective that gets lost sometimes when we fret over first world problems.


    1. Bix Post author

      1.6g/kg is a lot of protein. David Carter aims for about 1.2g/kg. He eats a lot of beans:

      NFL Defensive Lineman David Carter Eats No Animal Food

      Regarding my perspective: There are many things I wished I had learned sooner in life. Here’s one … I’m still learning it:

      “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view…until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.”



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