Graph Of Macronutrient Intake 1999-2008

Trends in Intake of Energy and Macronutrients in Adults From 1999–2000 Through 2007–2008

For 2007–2008, the average carbohydrate intake was 47.9% kcals for men and 50.5% kcals for women; average protein intake was 15.9% kcals for men and 15.5% kcals for women; average total fat intake was 33.6% kcals for men and 33.5% kcals for women; and average saturated fat intake was 11.0% kcals for men and 11.1% kcals for women.

In 2009-2012, we were still gettin about 33% of our calories from fat.

That is a lot of fat. We should be getting half that amount of fat, 15% or less.

1 thought on “Graph Of Macronutrient Intake 1999-2008

  1. Bix Post author

    By the way, people keep saying we went through a low-fat craze. We didn’t. At no time since 1971 (which is as far back as I checked) were Americans eating less than 30% fat. Getting 30% of your calories from fat is not, by anyone’s standards, eating low-fat.



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