Want To Lower Your Cholesterol Without Drugs? Stop Eating Animal Food.

Marj sent this:

My Aging Parents’ Shocking Health Improvements Through Food

It’s a great testimonial to the benefits of eating an animal-food-free diet. One thing I want to point out … look at her father’s before diet:

My father had a myocardial infarction (MI) 3.5 years ago, with a stent placement. He was placed on 4-5 different medications. He was 81 at the time; he had been a former marathon runner and long distance cyclist until his early 70’s. He had no history of high blood pressure. His cholesterol fluctuated around 200-260, but he was never placed on a statin. 14 months after the MI, he had another occlusion of the stent and had stent replacement. He was not at all overweight.

His diet would be considered good by many uninformed people: moderate beef and poultry, a few eggs a week, skim milk, butter on toast but not on the veggies, whole wheat breads, a salad every night, olive oil in cooking, fresh vegetables and fruits, but he also ate grilled cheese sandwiches and ice cream.

That’s the diet that made him sick. That’s darn close to the Mediterranean diet. It’s a diet most people in this country would call healthy. It’s not. It gave him high cholesterol and contributed to his heart attack, despite his history of exercise.

After a few months on a plant-based diet, his total cholesterol dropped from 260 to 132. His wife’s went from 220 to 175.

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