Is Everything On The Internet About Making Money?

I’m bummed. As you know, my blog is not commercial. I don’t use ads (no kow-towing to a sponsor). I don’t sell things. I don’t promote myself for profit-making ventures like books and speeches. Well, my webhost, Bluehost, just sent me an email saying they are not going to sponsor basic, let me say, non-commercial accounts anymore. They are bumping me up to a “Plus” business-like account (I am one person, I don’t need unlimited email accounts, websites, or domains), and charging me accordingly. And so I am left wondering what to do.

I left Google because they monetize you. Facebook monetizes you. I don’t mean to be critical of people who use them, because, let’s face it, I used Google’s Blogspot for 9 years, and I use Twitter, which also monetizes you. The business models of these companies sicken me. They take intimate accounts of people’s lives and manipulate the data to make a profit. Just about everything you do online anymore is being used to make money for someone. It’s so off-putting to me how commercial the internet has become.

Anyway … back to blogging. I might go over to WordPress. I don’t know. Thanks for listening.

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