Is Everything On The Internet About Making Money?

I’m bummed. As you know, my blog is not commercial. I don’t use ads (no kow-towing to a sponsor). I don’t sell things. I don’t promote myself for profit-making ventures like books and speeches. Well, my webhost, Bluehost, just sent me an email saying they are not going to sponsor basic, let me say, non-commercial accounts anymore. They are bumping me up to a “Plus” business-like account (I am one person, I don’t need unlimited email accounts, websites, or domains), and charging me accordingly. And so I am left wondering what to do.

I left Google because they monetize you. Facebook monetizes you. I don’t mean to be critical of people who use them, because, let’s face it, I used Google’s Blogspot for 9 years, and I use Twitter, which also monetizes you. The business models of these companies sicken me. They take intimate accounts of people’s lives and manipulate the data to make a profit. Just about everything you do online anymore is being used to make money for someone. It’s so off-putting to me how commercial the internet has become.

Anyway … back to blogging. I might go over to WordPress. I don’t know. Thanks for listening.

6 thoughts on “Is Everything On The Internet About Making Money?

  1. Marj

    It seems to me that not just the internet is all about money, isn’t almost EVERYTHING? It is dispiriting to see it all around us and such a relief to sometimes not see it. But what I want to say, Bix, is that I hope you continue your blog. What I know and understand about webhosts and writing a blog is zilch, but I sure would miss your comments and valuable information (not to mention the nice new recipes I recently noticed that you’ve provided).

    1. Bix Post author

      Thank you, Marj.

      See that comment you wrote right there? That’s a blog. And from what I can tell, you probably have a nice collection of your own recipes tucked away in your head. That’s a blog. “Marj’s Blog.” Here, let me comment on your comment, which is really a blog … Yes, EVERYTHING is about money! And it can get so dispiriting. Great word. That’s exactly how it feels.

  2. Anne

    Please don’t go away! You provide such useful information; I rarely comment, but am a faithful reader. Your blog is fantastic.

    1. Bix Post author

      Thank you, Anne. I promise I will always blog. My ego is too big.

      It’s really a learning experience for me. Let me say … one benefit of keeping this a hobby, of not making this commercial, is that I can change my mind. Years ago, I followed Dr. Weil. But then he started promoting supplements. Then he started selling supplements. Now his foundation is dependent upon this income. That makes it difficult for him to change his mind.

  3. Melinda

    I agree with Marj and Anne–do’t go away! And it’s true, everything about our country is monetized. We live in a country ruled by corporations. But given that that’s the case, we need blogs like yours even more!!!! I agree with you that blogging is an educational experience–I learned SO MUCH about so many things the one year I blogged about the farm, and prior to that, learned so much for writing about the history of food and farming in a weekly newsletter for the same farm. It was really a joy, despite the hard work!


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