Dr. Klaper: “Pouring Olive Oil On Food Does Not Suddenly Make It Heart-Healthy.”

This is an excerpt from the presentation by Dr. Michael Klaper given at the Healthy Lifestyle Expo in 2012. He addresses olive oil, saying, “pouring olive on food does not suddenly make it heart-healthy.”


  • Restaurant food is “salt, sugar, and fat.” Eat before you go.
  • The Greeks have the highest rate of obesity in Europe.
  • Olive oil is 14% saturated fat.
  • “Remember, your body is never not looking.”
  • “Excessive saturated fats (even olive oil) stiffen the walls of the arteries and make them less responsive to nitric oxide which dilates the vessels and increases blood flow to the organs.”
  • How to stir fry without oil: Saute in seasoned vegetable broth.
  • For salad dressing without oil: Blend vegetables, fruits, nuts, vinegars, etc., puree and pour over greens.

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