White Sugar Vs. Wild-Caught Salmon. White Sugar Wins.

John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods Market, asked Dr. Doug Lisle (PhD Clinical Psychology) a question about white sugar vs. “wild-caught salmon from Alaska”:

I’m in Lisle’s camp. Humans burn carbohydrates for energy. We are, as Lisle says, “carbohydrate burning machines.” White sugar is a carbohydrate. It supplies us energy. Salmon supplies us energy too. But it comes packaged with a lot of other chemicals that set us up for disease:

“I wouldn’t be expecting that white sugar to be setting me up for heart disease or cancer; whereas, I would expect your salmon to be setting me up for heart disease and cancer.”

Mackey said that sugar was “completely nutritionally worthless.” Do you agree with that? A lot of people think that.

I liked this too:

You eat the white bread and you eat that before you eat the cheese.

In Lisle’s diagram, dairy food is further down on the do-not-eat scale than meat, that is, eating dairy food is more harmful than eating meat.

Also, as I’ve written about, the production of dairy food (organic, natural, sustainable, whatever you have) is inhumane and one of the most unethical food-producing practices humans engage in. People won’t eat animals for ethical reasons but they put aside their ethics when it comes to eating dairy.

1 thought on “White Sugar Vs. Wild-Caught Salmon. White Sugar Wins.

  1. Bix Post author

    Given this, and given the rationale behind soda taxes, that they promote public health, we should be taxing wild caught salmon, all dairy, and all meat. Right?



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