Study: Dietary Cholesterol Associated With An Increased Risk For Breast Cancer

Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis Suggest That Dietary Cholesterol Intake Increases Risk Of Breast Cancer, Nutrition Research, July 2016

Overall, 9 articles involving 6 cohort studies and 3 case-control studies were included in this study. The pooled relative risk with 95% confidence intervals of breast cancer for the highest vs lowest category of dietary cholesterol intake was 1.29 (1.06-1.56). Results from this meta-analysis indicated that dietary cholesterol was associated with an increased risk of breast cancer.

Those who consumed the most cholesterol had a 29% increased risk for breast cancer compared to those who consumed the least.

Only animal food contains cholesterol. (from Wikipedia):


3 thoughts on “Study: Dietary Cholesterol Associated With An Increased Risk For Breast Cancer

  1. Melinda

    I know someone who eats a Polish dish called Lengua–a giant cow’s tongue. Her husband said it’s more a question of “Do you eat the lengua, or does the lengua eat you?!” The very thought of eating things like that makes me queasy.


  2. Bix Post author

    Years ago, when I was eating an omnivorous diet, I might have tried it. I’m curious about how foods taste. I’m still curious, but I apply it to plants now. Just plants.



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