New Nutrition Facts Label

Here’s the new nutrition label:

Changes to the Nutrition Facts Label, FDA, 20 May 2016

It’s been all over the news so you probably heard about it. What do you think? Yea or nay?

Since I’m trying to eat more simply, I look more at the ingredient list than the nutrition label. One thing I really like about this label, though, is the return of actual amounts of the micronutrients like calcium and iron. The FDA did away with those years ago and I’ve been complaining ever since.

The other thing I like is the “added sugars” line. Manufacturers have been slowly and surreptitiously increasing the amount of sugar in foods where I don’t even think it should be, like salsa or pasta sauce. Can you think of others? I bought some apple cinnamon oatmeal recently and figured out that there were 9 teaspoons of sugar added to each single-serving packet. I bought some plain oatmeal to mix it with just to cut back on the sugar.

4 thoughts on “New Nutrition Facts Label

  1. Marj

    It looks great to me! Especially the bold lettering and more white space resulting in easier reading. Primarily at the top where serving size, number of servings and calorie count are shown. That’s always been jumbled around and not easy to read for me. Big improvement. There are no doubt other improvements to discover, but am taking toothache meds with resulting fog brain so that’s it from me.


  2. David Dreyfus

    I’ll give it a “yea”. Like you, I am more an ingredients looker than calories or nutrients looker. I do like the “added sugars” line too. I don’t think it is enough of a change to not like it. I will be interested to see if manufacturers change their recipes and if consumers will change their habits due to the additional information.


  3. Marj

    Just read a very interesting article in the NYT dated 5/21/16 In the Upshot category regarding hidden sugars in foods. It’s great with lists of ingredients to look for, SO I’ll add that to my thoughts about the new labeling. And thanks, Bix, for your kind words regarding my tooth, it’s getting better.



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