Fracking Wells In Pennsylvania

I live in PA. I was surprised to see how many wells we had. (That little red target was just me trying to center the map, it doesn’t mean anything.)


Source: National Resources Defense Council:

The use of hydraulic fracturing has opened up oil and gas resources in many parts of the country where drilling was not previously occurring. These wells are drilled near our homes, schools, and offices—but information about them is not always readily accessible or publicly available.

We need to have better information about the effects of drilling on our health, land and quality of life.

The NRDC runs a site called Don’t Get Fracked which publishes impacts to health and the environment. There are many.

Vermont banned fracking in 2012. New York banned it in 2014.

3 thoughts on “Fracking Wells In Pennsylvania

  1. Marj

    What an unbelievable number of wells! Having been born and bred in the Midwest, I’ve become aware of the unusual number of earthquakes associated with fracking back there. Of course, that’s debatable between the environmentalist community and the oil and gas people although there have been official statements recognizing the dangers of these wells and waste water disposal underground resulting in earthquakes. Are there similar goings-on in PA?


  2. Bix Post author

    I’m not aware of more earthquakes here. I live in the east, near Philadelphia. I do think that Oklahoma’s quakes are a result of fracking. The thing that concerns me are the chemicals they inject into the ground that end up in people’s drinking water. That has been documented here, to the west of me.

    It seems there is a cost to all methods of energy production. Even wind farms and solar panels harm wildlife. Maybe these are costs humans have to bear for their energy appetite? I do think about this … A few years ago, during an ice storm, our electricity went out for 5 days. It was during February when the nighttime temperatures dropped into the teens. We had no heat, no lights, no refrigerator, no Internet access, no phones, nothing that used electricity. I learned a hard lesson … how much I, we, depend on energy.


    1. Marj

      Yes, it’s a sobering lesson. We’ve had two ice storms here in NC (one just last January) where the loss of electricity when it is cold (I live in an all-electric house) for several days and nights sure makes one see that. Before next winter I plan to be better prepared just in case.



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