Study: Red Meat And Eggs Increased Risk For Stroke

In this new study of 11,601 adults who were enrolled in the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) Study*, researchers found:

  • Those who ate the most red meat had a 47% higher risk for ischemic stroke compared with those who ate the least.
  • Those who ate the most eggs had a 41% higher risk for hemorrhagic stroke, compared with those who ate the least.

Association Of Dietary Protein Consumption With Incident Silent Cerebral Infarcts And Stroke, Stroke, December 2015
To see the whole paper, go to Sci-Hub and enter the URL.

There was one other thing this paper said, buried in the Discussion section:

SCIs do not cause acute symptoms and are clinically unrecognized. Nonetheless, these abnormalities are not benign, seem more common with advancing age, and are associated with a future risk of stroke. In our middle-aged population ≈20% of participants developed SCIs over a 10-year period.

SCIs are silent cerebral infarcts, silent strokes. From Wikipedia: “Despite not causing identifiable symptoms a silent stroke still causes damage to the brain.”

I had no idea that such a high (I think 20% is high) number of Americans are suffering brain damage from silent strokes.

*The ARIC study was conducted in 4 communities across the US (Forsyth County, NC; Jackson, MS; Minneapolis, MN; Washington County, MD).

1 thought on “Study: Red Meat And Eggs Increased Risk For Stroke

  1. Bix Post author

    Whatever you feel about population studies, you have to ask … why do animal foods keep associating themselves with causes of death? With cancer, stroke, diabetes? At the least, it’s something to study further. If it was, say, apples that were consistently linked to these diseases, wouldn’t we want to know why?



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