The Bulletproof Diet

A mainstay of the Bulletproof diet is the morning cup of coffee into which several tablespoons of butter are dissolved.

Sherry asked what I thought about The Bulletproof Diet by Dave Asprey. I had heard of it in passing but didn’t pay it much attention.

This article says that the author rates foods on a scale from toxic to bulletproof. He says that soy, cheese, wheat, canned vegetables, and microwaved foods are toxic. Onions, kale, almonds, and apples are also somewhat toxic. Foods that are bulletproof include coffee, coconut, and butter. Beer and red wine are toxic but gin and vodka are bulletproof. A 500-calorie concoction of butter dissolved in coffee is a recommended breakfast food. (Asprey claims that store-bought coffee is toxic. He sells his own non-toxic coffee on his website.)

As you know, I have a problem with the word toxic.

He doesn’t seem bothered by processed foods. In his “eat” category are “protein powders: hydrolyzed type-1 collagen, colostrum, beef plasma/serum” and “whey protein concentrate.” “All forms of whey protein must be cold-pressed to be healthy … and should be CFM (cross-flow microfiltered).”

The Bulletproof Diet is a very high-fat (up to 70% of calories), low-carb diet that encourages consumption of red meat, eggs, bacon, butter, and other fatty animal foods. It excludes beans (although coffee is a bean), legumes, grains (he says brown rice has toxins, white rice does not), and fruits. He says “fruit will make you fat.”

The diet is high in butter, but that butter must not come from a farmed animal. Same with the meat. So, bacon and eggs, a common meal, must come from free-range, non-farmed hens and hogs.

This is supposed to be a diet for health and longevity, something to follow life-long.

I read that the author, Dave Asprey, takes the drug metformin which is prescribed for type 2 diabetes. High-fat diets increase insulin resistance which leads to diabetes.

Aside from the spattering of vegetables, this diet is the antithesis of everything I think is healthful, everything I’ve written about for years. The best diet in my mind centers on grains, beans, potatoes, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and is very low in fat.

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