Study: Beans Linked To Lower Prostate Cancer Risk

I was looking at this study that Dr. Butler cited from her report about the damaging effects of dairy food (I just posted about):

Cohort Study Of Diet, Lifestyle, And Prostate Cancer In Adventist Men, Cancer, August 1989

Which found:

Increasing consumption of beans, lentils and peas, tomatoes, raisin, dates, and other dried fruit were all associated with significantly decreased prostate cancer risk.

Of all the foods they looked at, beans (beans, lentils, peas) showed the strongest protective effect. A close runner up was tomatoes and tomato products. Tomatoes contain the red pigment called lycopene which is thought to protect against prostate cancer, although Cochrane says the jury is still out. It could be that the food the tomatoes are typically eaten with is itself protective (say, pasta or beans), or tomatos are replacing a food that may raise risk (say, cheese or fish).

So, here is my Christmas present to everyone:


Eat beans.

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