A Plant-Based Diet Does Not Mean Eating Broccoli All The Time

I’ve already started hearing people say they intend to give up meat and animal foods for the New Year.

Two things:
1. Make sure you take a vitamin B12 supplement.
2. Don’t center your diet around fruits and vegetables.

I say No. 2 a lot but people still end up doing it and eventually abandoning the plant-based diet because they say it made them feel unwell or tired. It doesn’t have to be that way. Dr. McDougall explains:

The bulk of your diet should come from starch: oatmeal, rice, corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, whole grain breads and pasta, all types of beans and legumes. That comes first. Fill it out with some vegetables and fruits and you’re good to go. Meals like berries and banana on oatmeal, a bowl of rice and steamed vegetables, or a thick spicy corn and black bean chili with whole wheat bread are good examples. There are endless combinations.

One more thing. When you remove something from your diet, in this case animal food, you leave a gaping void. Plan ahead! Or that void will suck you back into meat-eating. Make a big pot of rice and refrigerate it for later. Cook extra soup. Keep some whole grain breads around to eat with hummus or peanut butter or just as is. It would probably be better to introduce new foods bit by bit and slowly nudge out animal foods than to find yourself short on time one day, hungry, with a pizza staring you in the face.

What To Eat On A Plant-Based Diet (McDougall Starch Version)

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