The UK Is Considering Blacklisting Homeopathy

I’ve been waiting for this for 20 years:

Homeopathy ‘Could Be Blacklisted’, BBC, 13 November 2015

Ministers of the UK’s National Health Service, which pays for people’s drugs, are considering putting homeopathic treatments on a blacklist. That means physicians would no longer be allowed to prescribe them. Of course, people can always buy the remedies themselves, like people do here in the US.

I’m not a proponent of homeopathy. I don’t believe it’s any more effective than placebo.

HomeopathyPotencyA homeopathic remedy starts off with a substance, say grass clippings to treat hay fever, and mixes one part of that to 99 parts water. It doesn’t stop there. One drop of that diluted substance is then mixed with another 99 parts water. And again and again. This article says up to 30 times but some dilutions go up to 1000 times or more. You’d be hard pressed to find one molecule of the original substance in the final substance. It is a pure sugar pill. Wait, the best part … it becomes more potent the more it’s diluted.

The total NHS bill for homeopathy, including homeopathic hospitals and GP prescriptions, is thought to be about £4m.

The UK government spends $4.3 million on sugar pills.

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