Walking Stick

It was still dark one morning. I saw a stick stuck to the door and went outside to swipe it away. Instead I got my camera. Had to use the flash:



Tell me that doesn’t look like real wood! With a tinge of green where you’d think a new stem would be! This is the first time I’ve encountered a walking stick and I must say, it’s aptly named.

Here it is 30 minutes later crawling up to the door handle. You can make out the legs now. Where does it fit the intestines?


4 thoughts on “Walking Stick

  1. Marj

    I’ve never seen one so LONG! Here, where I live, I’d have thought it was pine straw and not given it a second thought before brushing it away. Very interesting–and, yes, where do the “insides” go?


    1. Bix Post author

      It must be great to walk among pine trees. Just you saying that makes me smell them. Maybe you don’t like them? We don’t have many here in eastern PA, a few. I think they’re beautiful.


  2. Marj

    There are lots of pine trees here in NC and I do like them very much. Some people don’t though and I’m always amazed when homeowners chop down all the trees on their property. Something is definitely missing in their landscaping plans (in my opinion). But of course they needn’t worry about trees falling on the house!



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