Fracking Wastewater Is A Problem. No One Wants It In Their Backyard.

Anrosh brought up the issue of water quality. It reminded me of this farmer who presented three cups of fracking wastewater to members of the Nebraska Oil & Gas Conservation Commission in Sioux County (whose job it is to approve the dumping of this toxic water in their state) and invited them to drink it. They said earlier they would drink it. His offer was met with silence.

There’s a petition being circulated asking that the commissioners not approve this dumping: Don’t Frack Our Water. There’s a lot of good information on it. I didn’t know fracking wastewater could be radioactive, “due to solids it picks up underground during the drilling process.” I didn’t know that the companies doing the fracking won’t divulge the chemicals in the wastewater. I didn’t know that if the water spills it could ruin farmland:

What’s worse, when it spills, wastewater is particularly damaging to agricultural land, where the effects can last decades or even generations, according to North Dakota State University soil scientist Larry Cihacek. [1] The outline of a New Mexico wastewater spill from the early 1980s is still visible on Google Earth satellite photos.

So, is it at all possible that the chemicals in this wastewater could end up in the water we drink? The food we eat? It’s not possible, right?

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