New Study: Meals High In Fat And/Or Protein Lead To Higher Blood Glucose In People With Diabetes

This new review found that meals higher in fat and/or protein required more insulin to lower post-meal blood glucose – even though the meals had the same amount of carbohydrate:

Impact Of Fat, Protein, And Glycemic Index On Postprandial Glucose Control In Type 1 Diabetes: Implications For Intensive Diabetes Management In The Continuous Glucose Monitoring Era, Diabetes Care, June 2015

High-fat/protein meals require more insulin than lower-fat/protein meals with identical carbohydrate content.”

CONCLUSIONS: These studies have important implications for clinical practice and patient education and point to the need for research focused on the development of new insulin dosing algorithms based on meal composition rather than on carbohydrate content alone.

But, you knew that:

Dietary Fat Acutely Increases Glucose Concentrations and Insulin Requirements in Patients With Type 1 Diabetes, Diabetes Care, April 2013

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