La Reina Discontinues Only Baked Tortilla Chip On Market

LaReinaI saw this on McDougall’s Forum this morning:

Hi Lex

The So Cal WF’s Region faithfully carried the item for over 10 years. Unfortunately when other Regions brought it in, it was DC’ d soon after for lack of sales. Furthermore we were forced to credit distributors for product that went past code dates.

Some pieces of the equipment to manufacture the chips have been moved to other production lines, and other parts dismantled and sold. The space has already been rededicated to other products.

We will not be getting back into the baked tortilla chip business.

David K
Director of Business Development
Anita’s Mexican Foods / La Reina

We liked this chip. Great corn flavor, crispy but not fried or made with oil (not rancid!), made from whole grain, stone-ground non-GMO corn, low-sodium, organic even. Such a disappointment. I guess people’s tastes have changed. I have always liked non-greasy chips, even back when my diet was fairly fatty. There was a product called Guiltless Gourmet years ago that we used to buy but I think they have since added back the fat. Does anyone know if there is another baked tortilla chip on the market?

11 thoughts on “La Reina Discontinues Only Baked Tortilla Chip On Market

  1. Vince

    It was sad news when La Reina discontinued their chips with no oil and no salt. I bought them all the time at Whole Foods, and cannot find another chip like them. Unfortunately, Trader Joe’s baked blue corn chips are made with oil, though less than the fried chips. Read the ingredients label.

  2. Salsa Surfer

    These guys La Reina / Anita’s Mexican Foods also made Whale Tails Tortilla Chips. They sold in SoCal WF markets and gave 10% back to Ocean Conservation…wonder what happened to that brand?

  3. Cynthia

    I’m bummed about this too! No Guiltless Gourmet and no La Reina unsalted, baked chips!!!! 😩😩😩😭😭😭

    1. Bix Post author

      I still look for a fat-free chip. There just isn’t any to be found, not even online. (Please point me if you know of something.) I wonder why? It’s not like they can’t be made.

  4. Sophie Spencer

    Guiltless Gourmet was taken over by Pure Foods who did make the unsalted, baked tortilla chips for the last few months, but they JUST discontinued them. Can’t find anyone else making these. Bummer!

  5. James

    Please help!! Desperate for guiltless gourmet baked unsalted tortilla chips!!!!!! I just went through my last bag and did not know they stopped making them!!!!

    I would by them by the case!!!! Now they’re gone!!!! NOOOOOOO~~

  6. Jamie

    Check out Charras baked corn tostadas at They arrived broken like chips but that’s what I bought them for anyway. $2.69 for 8.5oz.

      1. Sophie Spencer

        Yeah, thanks for posting this! I just wish they had them unsalted as well. I did try a few of the recipes online for making my own baked tortilla chips & i was really amazed. Couldn’t be easier! I found that using Blue Corn Tortillas by Ula Tortilla was great! Takes like 10 minutes to make & they stayed super crispy for an entire week keeping them in a stainless steel container.


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