The Owl And The Mouse


This is the moment just before a mouse was snatched by an owl. Captured during its swooping journey from the top of a tree, the owl is seen with its wings outstretched and talons just inches away from its prey. Pictured near the Ottawa River Parkway in Canada, the impressive hunter managed to travel silently towards its prey completely undetected. Picture: JOHN TAJIMA / CATERS NEWS

Imagine if that mouse was a human. What would have the relative size of an owl? A house? How could we not notice a house flying in to snatch us? That stealth is a testament to the owl’s skills. Study the owl.

2 thoughts on “The Owl And The Mouse

    1. Bix Post author

      An apt. building! I was also floored by the relative size of those talons. It would be like being impaled on a gate post. Perhaps it’s a quick death for the mouse.


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