Assisted Living For The Future?

AssistedLivingSingaporeThis Massive Retirement Home Would Grow Its Own Food, Grist, 5 December 2014

Grist calls this urban housing arrangement “an assisted-living facility that mixes urban farming with high-density living.”

The apartment’s stadium would house a massive vertical aquaponic farm, recycling waste from farmed fish for nutrients to feed plants, which in turn clean the water.

It is a nice thought. I wonder…

1. Older people who live in Assisted Living facilities have a reason for needing that assistance. They can no longer live independently. They have dementia or Alzheimers. They had a stroke or limb loss or arthritis or complications from diabetes that make it difficult to move and get around. They suffer from depression. They fatigue easily. Many need assistance with bathing and other hygiene-related activities, dressing, cooking, cleaning, shopping, paying bills, transportation. They often have their meals prepared for them. The Grist article says that these people could take on farming jobs. Manual labor. It’s hard for me to image that. I think this housing concept is more suited to healthier people but that’s not how it’s being sold.

2. Who would pay for it? The government? Medicare? Medicaid? Or is it a private pay situation? The cost for Assisted Living now, without the additional costs incurred for running a farm, runs about $3,000-$6,000/month and is out of reach for many seniors.

I see this more as an upscale living arrangement for healthier, independent seniors.

1 thought on “Assisted Living For The Future?

  1. Wink

    They can still be hooked up to a plow. Enough of those old timers could get the fields plowed. And harvesting the crops, just hook a bag on their walkers and put them out in the fields. Enough of their complaints. Work or starve I say.


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