Banksy’s “Sirens Of The Lambs”

BanksyGraffitiIsACrimeBanksy is a UK-based artist. He’s known for street art that makes a social or political statement, sometimes with humor, sometimes more trenchant.

Last October, according to Wikipedia, Banksy began a one-month “show on the streets of New York [City].” I remember the stall he set up on Fifth Avenue that sold his original work for $60 each. (The BBC estimated the artwork could be worth as much as $31,000.) The man selling the art is not Banksy, but part of the exhibit.


Mayor Bloomberg did not take kindly to Banksy’s work considering it vandalism and had city workers paint over it when they found it. (The work above, “Graffiti Is A Crime” was painted over.)

He doesn’t just paint. Here’s a work, a sculpture he calls it, that he made during his NYC stint.  It features stuffed animals poking their heads from a truck, entitled “Sirens of the Lambs,” no doubt a comment about animal welfare in the meat industry.  (I believe the animals, guided by puppeteers inside, actually squeal.) The truck was labeled “Farm Fresh Meats” and it toured New York City’s meatpacking district. (I just saw it again at UK’s Glastonbury festival.)


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