It’s Not The Sugar


Sugar is a distraction.

Dr. Campbell was so fired up about the new “Fed Up” documentary, he wrote a Part 2: “Fed Up”. Part Two.  He stands by his claim that:

“… the evidence showing sugar to be a major factor in obesity is relatively weak.”

When I first saw promotions and the trailer for this movie I thought it was odd that they harped on about sugar without homing in on the real causes for obesity and chronic illness. It didn’t occur to me that there was a less overt motive. It did occur to Campbell:

“I also wrote the article because the so-called experts in the film (journalists are experts?) are those who have previously made it clear that they strongly disagree with the whole food plant based diet. I am convinced that a major intent of “Fed Up” — especially given its vigorous PR — was to counter the unusually successful movie documentary “Forks Over Knives” and its main message.”

“Based on my prior familiarity with the views of most of the film’s ‘actors’, I believe that ignoring the much more comprehensive part of the story was intentional.”

What are the real causes of obesity? Meat and cheese, says Dr. Barnard:1

“The real causes of the obesity epidemic have become clear in figures from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Over the past century, the most notable changes are huge increases in meat eating — rising from 124 pounds of meat per person per year in 1909 to over 200 pounds in 2004 — and in cheese intake — rising from less than 4 pounds in 1909 to 34 pounds today. That means Americans are shoveling in 75 pounds more meat and 30 pounds more cheese — every person every year — compared with a century ago.

The fact is, sugar is a convenient whipping boy.

The more we set aside the meat and cheese and embrace simple vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans, the healthier we will be.”

1Are Sugar and Sloth the Causes of Obesity — Or Just Convenient Whipping Boys?, November 2013

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