Jack LaLanne 1959 Video On How To Keep Your Hands (And Everything Else) Fit

I love this guy. He’s so infectious.

This was the first episode of The Jack LaLanne Show, from 1959 I think. I was looking for his hand exercise. It starts at 11:22 in this video. Just the hand exercise is less than a minute. I dare you to do it with him and not feel it, especially in the end where you’re doing it as fast as you can. This is so good if you spend a lot of time on a computer.

At about 17:28 he does some face and neck exercises. “How to do face lifting by making faces … by exercising the muscles of the face.” His show had to be the forerunner for all the exercise videos that followed.

3 thoughts on “Jack LaLanne 1959 Video On How To Keep Your Hands (And Everything Else) Fit

  1. Marj

    Having watched many episodes of Jack LaLanne’s show “back in the day,” I can’t help but think how much a voice in the wilderness he really was. There was junk food of course but nothing like now and overweight individuals as well, but NOTHING like today. He was great though and an inspiration to many.


  2. Bix Post author

    I started watching this video to find the exercise for the hands. And I found myself standing up and lifting my legs with him. I mean, you can’t not! I love that he lived to 96, that he had a long and fulfilling life, that he was, as you say, an inspiration to many. He still is.


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