Adzuki Bubbling

This morning’s beans. Adzuki. They start off with water that almost touches the brim and cook down to this bubbling thick mass. I love that part!


I was wondering if beans could be eaten on a Paleo diet. Dr. Cordain, the author of “The Paleo Diet” says no:

“You should avoid not only beans, but all other legumes including peanuts and soy. … Legumes are inferior foods that should not be part of any contemporary Paleo Diet.”

5 thoughts on “Adzuki Bubbling

  1. Marj

    A diet without beans/legumes is not for me. And I’ll have that apple a day, thank you. Just curious–are the adzuki beans bubbling away for your famous (to me) bean paste? Are they good in that form? I have some waiting to be cooked and will try that. Thanks.

    1. Bix Post author

      Bean paste! I feel so gratified that someone mentioned it. It’s a staple around here. I find it so versatile and so much easier to digest than canned beans.

      My adzuki beans cook a little quicker than the bigger kidney beans or cannellini beans. I do let them go to almost a paste, yes, but some of the beans are still intact because they don’t cook as long. I like that for adzuki. For some reason, I’ve been eating these with corn grits. The two just seem to go together. And tamari. Salt is my vice.

      Good luck with yours, Marj. (What do you eat them with?)

      1. Marj

        I, too, like them just cooked and served with tamari, also with corn bread (gluten free, since I’m celiac). There’s a soup I use them for using veg broth, shallots, carrot, turnip, grated fresh ginger and scallions as garnish. Good in the winter since it’s hearty.

        I’ve had many batches of bean paste since hearing about same from this site. Most often I’ll cook other veggies and then mix with the saved paste (all this is what you suggested). But I love beans and legumes in any way, shape or form with the added benefit they’re delicious and healthful to boot. Who could ask for more? Have a wonderful weekend.


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