Cancer On The Rise Around The World

Update: I’m adding this map of Global Meat Consumption because I believe it informs on the chart of cancer incidence below it:

Source: GeoCurrents

Here’s The Economist’s Daily Chart on Cancer Incidence, from February 11:


Places with the highest cancer incidence are Australia/New Zealand, North America (United States), and Western Europe (Spain). Countries with the highest meat consumption are the same – Australia/New Zealand, the United States, and Spain. Per capita meat consumption in these countries is 10 times higher than countries with the lowest incidence of cancer.

The Economist says:

“[Globally], in 2012 14.1m new cancer cases were diagnosed and 8.2 million people succumbed. That is 11% more cases and 8% more deaths than in 2008. By 2025 the number of new cases is expected to reach 19.3m.”

That expected increase in cancer incidence coincides with an expected increase in meat consumption, especially in places that don’t eat much meat today:

“Demand for livestock products will nearly double in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, from 200 kilocalories per person per day in 2000 to some 400 kilocalories in 2050.”

I think there may be a relationship.

1 thought on “Cancer On The Rise Around The World

  1. Bix Post author

    Why do men get more cancer than women in rich, developed countries, but women get more cancer than men in Africa and Asia?


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