Corporations Have Thoroughly, And Clandestinely, Infiltrated Research

I think it’s worth mentioning that even though a study looks like it is devoid of corporate influence, it likely is not. Corporations have thoroughly, and clandestinely, infiltrated research in this country.  Corporations have money. Scientists use corporations’ money to conduct research.

Here’s a great article on how corporations, in this case Monsanto, influence research:

The Goodman Affair: Monsanto Targets the Heart of Science, Independent Science News, May 2013

“It seems unlikely that scientific journals will address unaided the defects in scientific publishing at [Food and Chemical Toxicology (FCT)] and elsewhere. To do so would require confronting the fundamental problem that academic science now largely makes its money from exploiting conflicts of interest. This has become the underlying business model of science. Universities offer ‘independent’ advice to governments while taking corporate money for ‘research’. Corporations offer that money to universities, not for the knowledge it generates, but primarily for the influence it buys.”

FCT was the professional, respected, peer-reviewed journal that succumbed to pressure by the biotechnology industry and retracted a study that, although found to be correct, with no evidence of fraud or intentional misrepresentation, shone poorly on that industry. When you hear people say there is not a shred of evidence that GMOs are harmful to health, it is because industry has methodically and meticulously erased that evidence.

Here’s a slide from from Dr. Sheldon Krimsky’s powerpoint presentation on the corporate influence in academic science.


Dr. Krimsky is a professor at Tuft’s University. His powerpoint presentations (the examples he gives in them are chilling) coalesced into the book, Science in the Private Interest. An excerpt:

“The evolving academic universe is no longer as nurturing an environment for public-interest science as it once was. To a large degree, universities have been taken over by money managers and academic entrepreneurs who are looking for financially lucrative research.”

For years and years I refused to believe this. Then when I couldn’t close my eyes to it anymore, I chided myself for being too cynical. Now I see it as cold fact.

2 thoughts on “Corporations Have Thoroughly, And Clandestinely, Infiltrated Research

  1. Marj

    Ah, corporations–into everything these days throwing their weight around. I sometimes cannot believe all that is happening. Your post today certainly got my attention and the link provided to the Goodman affair article is most interesting. That site is new to me and will provide hours of reading; unfortunately, not available to me now due to upcoming travel plans. There are mighty forces determined to drive the science discussion their way, we see it every day in so many ways.



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